Applying for a Program

Zoe Reid

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of how our program is more effective and user-friendly than an analog CLP program. 

Here, I’ll walk you through how we efficiently structure programs, how levels get selected, and how we address level approval.

When we started GROW, we researched Clinical Ladder programs around the country and consistently heard the same feedback again and again: nurses were not participating due to the complex process of signing up! The mountains of paperwork required and the (often confusing) parameters for applying kept many nurses from even attempting to work their way up the ladder. That’s a bad outcome for both nurses and hospitals alike. 

GROW’s user-friendly interface allows all potential Clinical Ladder participants to register from any device. Applications are as simple as selecting a level from a drop-down menu and cross-checking their credentials against the listed eligibility criteria for their desired level.

We know that not all clinical ladder programs are made the same. For some programs, nurses are trusted to select the appropriate level they’re qualified for and, for other programs, administrators need to approve nurses’ level selection. Our program is entirely customizable, and can be adapted to both models with ease. 


Once a nurse has selected the level they aspire to and completed their one-step, online clinical ladder application, they’ll see all of their requirements for completing the requirements for their ladder level clearly outlined on their dashboard. From the moment they apply, the expectations for what they need to complete are clear, and they can begin chipping away at these requirements/tasks on their own time. 

It was crucial to us that we kept things as direct, clear, and manageable as possible. This serves the dual purpose of keeping nurses already climbing the ladder engaged, and simplifying the ladder application process to encourage more nurses to apply. 

Our platform also streamlines manager oversight. Managers can access an organized dashboard from their computer or mobile device where they can view nurse applications and level prerequisites.This allows them to readily keep tabs on their applicants’ progress and easily double check each nurses’ credentials against level prerequisites before approving/rejecting their application.

With GROW, everyone wins: administrators can feel confident their applicants are on-track, and nurses feel rewarded every time they check a requirement off their to-do list. 

GROW streamlines clinical ladder applications, providing transparency to nurses and administrators alike. If you’re looking to reach improvement aims and increase your clinical ladder engagement, we’re here to help. Schedule a demo below!

Interested in learning  more? We’d be happy to answer any questions and show you how we can help. Schedule a demo below!