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The new system provides a way to support nurses in real-time, and I am able to see who has turned in their updates and who has not,” “It’s very quick and allows me to touch base with everyone digitally without having to pull them aside during a busy work day. I can support them without taking up valuable clinical time. It also allows me to speak to their interests and ideas as things occur, rather than a week later when I can see them.

Erin B

Magnet Hospital Nurse Champion

Grow is a Complete Clinical Ladder Configuration Solution

The days of the 3 ring binder are over! We’ve created Grow, a Clinical Ladder configuration platform that will save you time, money, and resources. Nurses can easily register, participants can manage from their mobile devices, and you can see every aspect of your program from one screen.

Complete Customization

Our configuration software will easily transform YOUR program to meet your digital goals. Committees, programs, champions, EBPs, and activities are all customizable to your organization. No request is too big or small.

Mobile Friendly

We’ve built our Clinical Ladder software with the modern nurse in mind. Nurses can easily report on all of their ladder activity from any device within arms reach.


Increased Engagement

We make it easy for your nurses to sign up and participate with your professional development / clinical ladder programs.
We’ve also made it easy to provide feedback, grant approvals, and search all projects for quick recognition.

Robust Reporting

No more searching through binders and spreadsheets. No more wasted data sitting in a binder on a shelf.
You’ll be 3 clicks away from knowing, sharing, and making better data driven decisions!

Completely Paperless.


A single year of an advancement program involves thousands of data points, stored and shared in binders with multiple people.

By moving to a GROW you save time, improve transparency, and add an empirical measuring platform for the effectiveness of the program.


Your Ladder. Our Platform.

Grow’s platform is completely configurable to your wants and needs. Structures and reports can be customized to match the uniqueness of your program or organization.

Got a request? A feature idea? Our dedicated in house development team is ready for your feedback and will happily complete your request.

A Professional ePortfolio 

Our ePortfolio provides your nurses with a digital CV to house and track all their professional information.  It reminds them when important certifications are about to expire, tracks continuing education, documents work history , stores their important documents and so much more.

The best feature of our ePortfolio within GROW is the data.  Now leadership can see everything in one place with our reporting dashboard.  Degrees by unit, professional organizations, work experience by unit, certifications …and more.

Save Time. Save Money. 

Using Grow’s automation saves time by reducing the need for downloading, printing, and building binders. This allows nurses to spend more time improving skills, patient interactions and so much more.

Success Stories

We had been looking for a solution to help us transition our paper application for our clinical levels program to an online platform.  StaffGarden has been our solution!  It is been a pleasure to work with their team.  They have been so supportive, responsive, and collaborative in helping us during the transition period.  We completely restructured our program, and the software has been able to meet all of our needs.  Their team was even able to build some new functionality that didn’t exist before.  That is innovation and great customer service!  The training support has been fantastic, and our official go live went seamlessly.  Our staff have loved the new system so far.  In just the first 2 months, we have been able to increase interest in participating in our newly restructured clinical advancement program.  .  Thanks to the team at StaffGarden for all their help!

Elisa J, MS, RN, CNS

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Translational Research, NorthBay Healthcare

StaffGarden has consistently exceeded my expectations from the beginning of the contract. I was impressed with the individual design attention we received from Ryan and Brian. They worked with us to ensure that the electronic format of our clinical ladder was streamlined and effective. They were very open to our hospitals specific needs that were different from others. I am thankful to not have to lug around many clinical ladder binders anymore. The caregiver, mentors and managers can view the clinical ladder content at a glance. I would also like to recognize Alanna and Michelle for their implementation, education and detail design assistance. They are a wealth of knowledge for implementation and education. The response time from both Alanna and Michelle exceeded our expectations consistently. They continue to check in and ensure everything is on track. I would highly recommend StaffGarden for implementation of an electronic format for hospitals clinical ladder program; great team, great product.

Linda S Director of Education, Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Translational Research, NorthBay Healthcare

I can easily tell you that the YOY results since implementing the ladder program has dramatically reduced our 1st year hires and separation rate for RN’s.”.

Michael K, SPHR 

Director, Talent Acquisition & Physician Recruitmnet, Hoag Hospital

Documenting and analyzing the benefits of a robust Clinical Ladder program has proven in the past to be elusive. However, now with StaffGarden and the analytics it provides, we can better leverage our talented Clinical Ladder Nurses to help drive the organization to new levels. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the Clinical Ladder program will be one of the major tools we use to meet patient’s expectations and distinguish Hoag as a nationally recognized provider.

Jason Z.

Sr. Program Manager, Performace Improvement


Increase in Magnet Enrollment

Dollars Saved Per Nurse

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Clinical Ladder: Applying for a Program

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