Catch StaffGarden at COADN Spring 2016!

by: Olivia Smith

Interested in learning how StaffGarden provides resources to colleges and their nursing student population? We are excited to have the opportunity to sponsor and host a break session at the California Organization of Associate Degree Nursing Program Directors (COADN) Annual Spring meeting this year!

About the conference

The COADN Spring 2016 conference will serve as an opportunity for college administrators to explore leadership challenges facing nurse educators and nursing education, discuss/articulate program evaluation strategies in use statewide and share best practices. Attendants will also have the opportunity to utilize information and share statewide updates from HWI, HealthImpact, BRN, 3CNAC, ANAC ADN CCCCO, choose personal success strategies to improve leadership skills and enhance program leader performance.


Conference conversation will include current education initiatives across the country for statewide review, integration, and planning. Attendants will be able to network with fellow nursing education leaders for support, and share solutions to the issues that leaders must grapple with in their everyday work.

Who can you meet from StaffGarden?

Brian Card

Brian Card

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

University Liaison & Marketing Project Manager

If you’ll be attending the COADN Spring 2016 meeting, be sure to swing by the StaffGarden booth to learn how we’re creating innovative and durable tools that nursing students can utilize to help grow their career!



Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

University Liaison | Marketing Project Manager

As the resident chai latte queen at StaffGarden, you can find Olivia color coordinating her notes, planning StaffGarden’s next big event, or helping college students create their ePortfolio. Contact at


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