How can StaffGarden eliminate the need for traditional resume screening?

by: Mike Altier
There are nearly 3 million nurses registered in the country, and that number is anticipated to rise significantly over the next five years, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With so many skilled nurses available in the country (most of them in and out of jobs) it is crucial to make your recruitment process quick and efficient. It is essential to recruit a nurse who can do the job for the long haul as the expense of recruiting a new skilled nurse is anywhere between 50 – 60 thousand dollars according to author Vicki Hess of The Nurse Managers Guide to Hiring, Firing, and Inspiring. 

But, we all know recruiting nurses is a strenuous and expensive process, it takes patience and time.The healthcare system has experienced many changes over the past decade. Not only has technology advanced beyond our wildest imagination, but those entering into the field are also experiencing a greater degree of diversity and training specialization than ever before. Educational institutions across the nation and internationally are less regulated and offer more sub-specialties for nurses in every field. And, it is leaving those hiring for positions without the skills they need to target correctly the education and experience required for specific niches.

Hospitals are left with an archaic way of hiring. Not much improvement over the previous decades, the internet has allowed employees to search databases for nurses who meet the criteria they desire. The limitations of the websites, to date, is that the only qualifications employers have to choose from are the two basic themes – education and experience. With so many other factors that make potential employees an asset to your team, many find themselves wasting time and resources looking through hundreds of applicants. It ‘s hard to discover the diamond automatically in the rough to meet expectations.

StaffGarden – Revolutionizing The Nurse Recruitment Process

We here at StaffGarden have created an innovative tool that gives hospitals and employers power at their fingertips to weed through thousands of applicants to find the right “fit” for their organization. No longer health care institutions and hospitals are beholden to printing out resumes, searching through and verifying credentials, or being able to search using only a handful of criteria.

StaffGarden is a revolutionary nurse recruitment site. We proudly present time-saving talent acquisition tools to find the perfect candidate in a timely and cost-effective way. The profiles are customized to the nursing profession and our innovative software captures everything about a nurse’s career. It helps hospitals identify top nurses that fit their unique requirements, mission, and particular niche. No more time wasted on interviewing candidates who will not ultimately suit an organization’s needs based on boring resume formats or cliched keywords.

…it is becoming increasingly important to find the right candidates to fill the empty spaces.

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How it Works

StaffGarden is one of the best secure and free tools that health care institutions and professionals can harness to fulfill their recruitment needs.

Whether it’s a small clinic or a large hospital, time is valuable. With overcrowding, over-funding, and profit margins narrowing, it is becoming increasingly important to find the right candidates to fill the empty spaces.

All organizations have a mission, culture, and goals. With so many nurses coming out of school in need of careers, the market is flooded with qualified potential employees. The problem is that nurses are all different.

Some have a lot of educational skills while others have real life practical experience. Depending on what an organization is looking for, those types of experiences may be critical to the success of a health care organization. StaffGarden puts the control back in the hands of the hiring organization. Employers don’t have to go from site to site to find the information needed for licensure or qualifications; it is all right there in one place to narrow down the search.

 Enhanced Tools for Selection

Stafffgarden is the first site to incorporate all tools within one space. Not just a general recruitment site, it is wholly developed for the needs that are unique to the nursing field. The primary tools are:

  •  Verified license
  • Everything in one place
  • Easy to read format
  • Communication tools

Verified License

The verified license section allows organizations to look up for candidates according to their qualifications and licensure. Sometimes it can be a lengthy process to get the certifications and licensure required to be employed within particular states. Due to the complexity of licensure across states, ensure that the candidate chosen always embodies all the educational and licensure requirements desired. That way there is never an issue in staffing resources and getting a candidate “up to date”.

Finding candidates that meet the specific requirements to hit the ground running is a cinch, there is no waste of time or resources. With so many skilled nurse applicants from across the nation to choose from, reaching them is now easy with StaffGarden.

Everything in one Place

Most employee recruitment sites have users going from one site to another looking for the criteria needed. Users have to go to one place to find the resume, another to determine licensure information, and then another to verify experience.

Our cutting edge tools allow organizations to compare across many criteria all in one place. Not having to go from one site to the next, all that is needed is readily available. No longer do employers have to hunt for, make calls, or interview applicants, to weed through the initial hello phase. By cutting back on hours of face-time, companies can find everything required to make the first cut and get down to the applicants that will easily suit their needs.

Not only can companies find things about a nurse’s education and experience, but they can also find those who have sub-specialties, research their personality characteristics, and get a feel of their professional goals. Organizations need not pick up a telephone or sit down with potential employees to gain the knowledge they need to get to the right person for their organizational needs.

Easy to Read Format

Some sites require that users have an education just to use them. StaffGarden has one of the most intuitive designs for beginner computer users to IT tech specialists. Everything employers need is not only at their fingertips, but it is easy to access. Should a user ever have a problem, tech support is there around the clock to help. Designed to cut back on time and to provide organizations with what is required to hire in a timely fashion, the ease of our site is just incomparable.

The mission of StaffGarden is to minimize the time a company needs to fill spaces that don’t have the time to wait. The ease of our site’s design puts the tools required in the hands of those hiring who need it. After all, a time-saving recruitment site would not be so time-saving if most of the time spent were on figuring out how it all works.

Communication Tools

We give our partners (hospitals that use StaffGarden for recruitment) the ability to communicate via email and text to potential hires. The hiring staff can take notes on their conversations; they can flag for follow up / schedule for an interview – all within the StaffGarden platform. It considerably saves time and money by having everything in one place, not having to go from system to system to sync notes and keeps communications consistent among teams. This way, no one is asking nurses the same questions, thereby making the process more efficient. In a sentence, our concept is – find the nurse, contact the nurse, schedule the nurse, hire the nurse – all in one place.

Cost Effective

At StaffGarden, we provide a cost-effective way to discover and appoint quality nurses. Our software helps you get rid of expensive agency fees and time-consuming processes. Rarely do organizations get this level of usefulness without spending too much money. Saving time, and profits over time, all that institutions need to do is sign up and reap the benefits of our revolutionary recruitment tool.

Social Media Savvy

Health care institutions can find out what candidates are all about by using the tools of social media. Not only can organizations communicate with potential candidates they can get a sense for who they are professionally and personally. Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, all the tools needed to become a community both within an organization and outside of it, are available.

Hospitals can reach out to potential candidates by giving them the information necessary for an organization. Using social media to recruit is one of the best ways to hire the best in the field. It not only gives an organization the sense of who the applicant is, but it also allows them to target those who will provide the best asset to their company or organization.

You can know more about how StaffGarden encourages nurses to harness social media as a potential career-building engine here.

Sign-up Once and Done

The best tool provided by StaffGarden is that organizations can create a profile once and continue to use it forever. Having a profile is an excellent way to outline the parameters of organizational culture, values, mission, and desired employee characteristics.

Once it is set up, companies can use it over and over. With the high turnover rates in hospital settings, it is an excellent tool to cut back on time and resource waste. In the end, time translates into cost.

Also, when space needs to be filled, a team can’t work efficiently. Just one missing component of the team can spell trouble for any organization. By cutting back on the time needed to find the perfect fit, members of the team will be working overtime to fill the space.

StaffGarden ensures that health care organizations are always adequately staffed to enhance their quality of attention and care.

Personal Attention

Perhaps one of the greatest features of StaffGarden is our commitment to customer care. If users should need the help of any kind, a professional and courteous staff member is at their fingertips to give the information necessary. Day or night, we provide users with the one-on-one attention they can’t get from any other nurse recruitment site.

We offer a revolutionary way to find the perfect professional fit for an organization’s needs. StaffGarden provides tools that will not only cut back on time and resources, but it will also enhance the functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness of any healthcare facility by presenting the right quality nurses.

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