Everything you've always wanted to know about StaffGarden.
What is StaffGarden?

StaffGarden is a community for nursing professionals providing you simple, sustainable and secure tools that will allow you to capture your nursing experience. All of your education, certifications, awards, documents, licenses – everything about you in one secure place.

What hospitals are you associated with?

StaffGarden is actively in discussion with hospitals, nursing schools, and other healthcare leaders about how StaffGarden’s technology can improve nursing and healthcare.

Can I print my portfolio?

Yes. StaffGarden makes it simple to share your portfolio in person and online.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for building your customized portfolio on StaffGarden. Not now. Not ever. Never!

How does it work?

Simply join on StaffGarden.com and follow the steps to your new customized portfolio. You will be on your way to a beautiful portfolio in 30 seconds.

Is my personal information secure?

StaffGarden’s short answer: Of course! Your information is always secure. At StaffGarden, we care about security and value privacy as much as you do.

StaffGarden’s professional staff and automated tools monitor server performance for problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our production equipment is housed in a SAS70 certified Data Center, complete with 24-7 physical security with a full time security staff, video surveillance, and alarms to prevent high-tech breaches. We have an uninterruptible power supply and backup generators in case of a power outage, as well as complex smoke and flood detection, fire suppression systems, and fully redundant power generation.

StaffGarden employees do not have direct access to equipment in the Data Center, except for systems engineers who perform monitoring and maintenance-type procedures.

We rely on advanced, industry-recognized security safeguards to keep all of your data protected.

The StaffGarden online application is a VeriSign Secured TM product. VeriSign® is the leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority. With password-protected login, firewall protected servers, and the same encryption technology (128 bit SSL) used by the world’s top banking institutions, we have the security elements in place to give you peace of mind.

How long will it take me to create my ePortfolio?

StaffGarden’s ePortfolio captures your entire career. Time to create depends on the length of your career.

I’m not very computer savvy so will it be hard for me?

StaffGarden was designed with simplicity in mind. Still need help? Write us, call us, send a carrier pigeon, we are here to help. Contact information is here.

What are the benefits to having an ePortfolio?

Having a StaffGarden ePortfolio helps you manage and showcase your education, skills, licenses, certifications, publications, awards, etc. Your ePortfolio will help you open doors that you didn’t know were there.

So what is an ePortfolio?

StaffGarden’s ePortfolio helps represent you completely as a nursing professional. An ePortfolio is a complete electronic representation of your career in a simple, sustainable and secure online platform.

Can I share or email my ePortfolio?

Please do! StaffGarden makes it super easy to share or send your ePortfolio through the application with an email address and one click.

Is it hard to build my ePortfolio?

StaffGarden’s team has tested our system with all level of users and they’ve all found it very easy to use.

Can’t I just create an ePortfolio on LinkedIn?

StaffGarden is designed exclusively for nurses. Plus, StaffGarden is much more than a static profile with some work history attached. Your StaffGarden portfolio works for you, helping you keep track of everything in your professional career.

Why do I need an ePortfolio if I already have a job?

Opportunities are sometimes just around the corner and StaffGarden’s ePortfolio can have you ready when they appear. We’ll tell you when things are about to expire. Once you’re finished, you’ll be proud.

Can I upload documents to my ePortfolio? (resume’, CV, certifications, CPR cards)

Of course! Need help? We actually like hearing from you, so give us a call. Contact information is here.

Are there tutorials on how to create my ePortfolio?

You bet! Click here to see them. Even better – LIVE help! Still having trouble? We’ll do it for you. Really.

Can’t I just upload my resume and it will fill in all the sections?

We believe that the ePortfolio is your story, beautifully told. StaffGarden’s technology allows you to tell your story in a whole new way. But thats only part it. StaffGarden helps you remember when your license expires, when your certifications are due, and keeps active track of your continuing education. Good luck getting a resume to do that.