What is a BAM and how can you get one?

by: Alanna Woods

Nurses deserve more recognition for all that they do. They are even the most trusted profession according to a poll on National Nurses United. So the team here at StaffGarden created the BAM to give nurses the acknowledgement they have earned.

A BAM is our way of showing gratitude to the individuals who go above and beyond as a StaffGarden member. Think of it as a little thank you from StaffGarden.

The reason for our BAMs is as simple as how we craft each individual message. We are all about recognizing the individual and providing that personal touch. So we thought why not employ that same belief to how we thank our nurses. And thus the BAM was born.

Step 1: Put on some good tunes.

Although I create BAMs in the office, they are not really work. It is an activity I always look forward to. So, I like to go for happy songs. Check out my BAM Spotify list to hear some go-to happy tunes.

Step 2: Gather your supplies.

Here is the simple list of items I use.

  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Return address stickers
  • A pen
  • Blank cards (I use blank index cards)
  • Post-it notes
  • StaffGarden’s Story Cards (Haven’t hear of a Story Card before? Well, check out these cool pictures to get an idea)
  • Starbucks gift cards

And that is all it takes. Doesn’t look like much in a list, but put it all together and you would be surprised how cool it looks. (Tip: Keep all your supplies in one place. Here is a picture of StaffGarden’s BAM box.)


Step 3: Write a nice note.

This is my favorite step because I get to write a handwritten note, something that is not common today. Each note varies  from person to person. I begin by thinking about how this particular person has stood out to me and why they deserve a BAM. After I find the answer the note is straightforward to write since I know the reason I am thanking them. (Later I will go into how you can receive a BAM).

Writing the note is just as important as why we write the note. At StaffGarden, we work with our members and future members in handwritten-notemind. So we are constantly trying to make the process a bit easier, a bit fast, and just overall user friendly. However, we realized that although we do all this for nurses, we don’t thank them enough for their hard work. We work behind the scenes to improve their ePortfolio as a tool, to connect them to exciting opportunities, but we don’t say thank you. Sure, we could send a big thank you out over Facebook or Twitter, and we have, but we wanted to do something different, something that would allow the individual to know we were speaking directly to them. The BAMs allow us to do this and take the time to recognize hard working nurses. We really want to remind nurses how awesome they truly are because that is something that can never be done too often.

Step 4: Address & assemble

Address the envelope and make sure to include the return address and correct amount of mailing stamps. Before I place the materials in the envelope I assemble them in a neat pile. First, put the Story Card on the bottom with a post-it note on top letting the receiver know how to fill out and share our Story Cards. Next, place the hand written note on top of the Story Card. Then, set the Starbuck gift card on top.


Step 5: Stuff & send

Slip the pile into the envelope, seal it up, and send it off via snail mail.

Step 6: Be happy!

As I walk away from the mailbox where I placed the BAM I can’t help but smile. I smile because someone will receive a happy, often unexpected, surprise in the mail. My day just got a little brighter and I hope theirs does too.

And that is how I make a BAM. You can use this way of thanking someone yourself. Just follow the steps above and voila, you have a personalized thank you ready to send to anyone: a new nurse on the floor or perhaps some who really helped you out at work. It is a nice surprise for anyone!


Want to know how you can receive a BAM? – It’s easier than you think.

The #1 thing to do is build your StaffGarden ePortfolio to 100% (or as close to 100% as you can). I know this seems too easy, but it is true! Just fill it out and not only will you have a cool tool, but you can receive a BAM. This option benefits you the in the long run because you will have full use of its features such as the resume generator, eligibility for giveaways & job opportunities, and notifications on your certifications that are about to expire.


Second option: Be active in StaffGarden. This can mean re-Tweeting our blogs, posting about StaffGarden on Facebook, or just commenting and liking the exciting things we share on social. ( note: We plan to be more active on Instagram so keep an eye out for that).

Third option: Request a Story Card. Yep, that’s right, just ask for a colorful Story Card and we will send one to you in a BAM. After you get your BAM send us a pic of your Story Card and we will share it on social! ^_^ We love to hear from nurses and we hope that you will take advantage of the Story Card to show the world, especially other nurses, what is important to you and what nursing means to you.

Thanks for reading about BAMs. They really are a fun & unique aspect to StaffGarden that I greatly enjoy being a part of. Remember these simple steps to building a thank you mailer can be easily replicated or adjusted to fit thank the wonderful people you want to show appreciation to.

I hope you enjoyed learning about BAMs and, now that you know how you can receive one, I look forward to sending you a BAM in the future!


Alanna Woods

Alanna Woods

Talent Acquisition Manager

Normally seen with a book or coffee in hand, Alanna is here to help nurses build their ePortfolios and get noticed for the the great work they do everyday. You can contact Alanna at: Alanna.Woods@StaffGarden.com

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