Heart of Florida Increases Hires with StaffGarden Support

by: Olivia Smith


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The Story

Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center is a community-based hospital in Davenport, FL, part of Community Health Systems, the largest for-profit hospital system in the country. In January 2018, their biggest hardship was sourcing qualified candidates interested in their opportunities to fill urgent openings. As a small recruitment team, they partnered with StaffGarden for enhanced marketing and recruitment support.

The Solution

StaffGarden strategized a plan to drive candidates through creative marketing, using a combination of location radius targeting and hyper-relevant creative, to engage an audience most likely to convert. Using our in-house developed platform and robust recruitment team, we’re able to manage incoming candidates by allowing them to easily upload their information, choose a convenient time for a phone interview, and pinpoint a job opportunity that fits their career. 

StaffGarden’s creative strategy for Heart of Florida was heavily focused on driving a sense of urgency for the positions, what nursing candidates could be looking for in a potential career, and how easily they could get started in the process. Since February 2018, Heart of Florida’s marketing received over 750k impressions across all channels, resulting in over 1,200 registrants.

The Result

Since kicking off with Heart of Florida in February 2018, we’ve spoken to over 620 qualified candidates, where over 350 were presented to their team, resulting in 56 (and counting!) hires.


Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

Digital Marketing Manager @ StaffGarden

Olivia is the passionate about connecting awesome nurses to new opportunities through creative digital marketing. In her spare time, you can catch her at a local coffee shop or with her 2 dogs.

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