Nurse retention is a sector of healthcare that has yet to turn the corner and have vast improvement.


What are the challenges of retaining an existing nursing staff and what changes can be made to keep them around for longer?


Create Better Growth Opportunities


In this modern age of nursing and all professions for that matter, there seems to be a higher emphasis on growth and culture rather than just compensation.  This is especially true for younger nurses that are just entering the workforce. McKinsey surveyed nurses in a blog from this year explaining how environmental factors are perhaps the biggest opportunity for nurse retention strategy.  While the nurse with the family may be seeking better compensation, the younger nurse is often looking for somewhere that they can grow and climb the clinical ladder.  


Improving The Clinical Ladder


Nursing is a vast profession that includes a multitude of different roles and opportunities.  Offering the proper training as well as programs to advance is a great way to keep your nurses around and give them something more to look forward to.  Instead of using paper or outdated programs to manage the clinical ladder, it would be beneficial to use StaffGarden’s clinical ladder software to improve the nurse experience and help them progress in their career.


Invest In Nurses’ Success


Throughout the pandemic, nurses felt like they were being disrespected and treated like just a number instead of a person.  As a professional that gives back to the public every day, they were not being treated as such by their own management.  Nurses work some insane hours and have to deal with endless amounts of stress.  At the end of the day, they just want to have some respect for the work that they are putting in.  Making an investment in StaffGarden, the premier digital clinical ladder program, can show your nursing staff how much you value them and their career progression. 


Digital Clinical Ladder Features



Implementing GROW from StaffGarden and showing a commitment to improving existing clinical ladder programs has shown tremendous results in nurse engagement and retention.  The user experience is personalized making it easier to not only encourage those in the program who are struggling, but also recognize the ones who are doing a great job.


About StaffGarden


StaffGarden is the leading digital healthcare platform focused on the clinical success of the professional clinician. Our flagship product is GROW, the only digital Clinical Ladder program on the market. In addition to Clinical Ladder, the platform supports career path development, Competency / Assessment tracking, peer and 360 review management, residency management support, and clinical project management for all types of clinical projects. To learn more about Staffgarden, check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.