Turn Your ePortfolio Into A Professional Resume

by: Mike Altier

The Search Is Over

You’ve done it . You’ve found the perfect nurse position at the perfect location. You complete the online application and it’s time to upload your resume and cover letter.

Uh oh.

It’s been weeks, months, maybe even years since you’ve looked at your resume. Maybe you don’t even know where you left it. Did you leave it on Dropbox? Maybe somewhere in the My Documents folder? Wait, where did you last put that flash drive?

Formatting and Updating

After you go through the trouble of finding it, it’s now a process of updating it… dealing with formatting, searching online for templates, trying to get everything to fit on one line, hoping that the overall format is modern yet, professional.

Then a light bulb goes off… “Didn’t I create a StaffGarden ePortfolio?”

A Resume Solution For Every Nurse

Every StaffGarden users ePortfolio comes with our free, easy to use resume generator.

With two clicks, all the information that you’ve entered into your ePortfolio turns into a professional nursing resume and can be downloaded in either PDF or Word formats. Your new resume is completely editable and you can generate all the resumes you need, all for free!

We Value Every Nurse’s Time

StaffGarden’s goal is to create the absolute best career tools that every nurse can use, no matter where they are in their career. When creating these tools, our focus is not only on the quality, but on how they are going to save you time so you can focus on doing what matters.

Watch the video below and see how in a few clicks, you can turn your ePortfolio into a beautiful nursing resume:


No need to re-enter any information or format word documents. A few clicks and out comes a professional and easy-to-read resume that is sure you help you #GetNoticed for all the right reasons.

How To Generate Your Resume

To generate your personalized nurse resume, you can click the ‘Generate Resume’ button on either your StaffGarden dashboard, or on the ‘edit my portfolio’ screen.

Next, you’ll choose the sections of your ePortfolio that you would like to have in your resume. We know that different nurse opportunities call for different nursing resumes. That’s why not only can you generate as many resume’s as you need, all for free, but you can customize them in anyway that you need to.

Download & Share

Next, you have the option to download in either Word of PDF formats. TIP: if you would like to make any changes to your resumes (add or remove phone numbers, change your personal statement, ECT.) make sure to download in Microsoft Word format. Unless you have a PDF editor, this will be the easiest way for you to edit your brand new resume.


That’s it! After following these steps, you’ll have a brand new resume that will help you get nurse job of your dream! This is just one of many free tools that come free with your StaffGarden ePortfolio!

Want to give our resume generator a try? Login to your ePortfolio or start building yours today!


Generate Your Resume For Free



Mike Altier

Mike Altier

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