Nurse Vacancy And Time-To-Fill: A 21st Century Solution

by: Keith Carlson

In 21st-century healthcare, vacancies are an epic thorn in the side of nurse managers, schedulers, and the nurses left to fill the gaps. Smart technology can be leveraged in order to move nurses into open positions in a more seamless, efficient manner; fortunately, StaffGarden is already blasting this process into overdrive.

Time-to-Fill and the Healthcare Ecosystem

Time-to-fill (TTF)—defined as the time that elapses from the posting of a position to it being filled—is crucial, and many facilities spend more time and money than they’d like to admit on this excruciating process.

Technology can be intelligently utilized to mitigate the challenges posed by the time-to-fill conundrum.

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According to a new white paper by StaffGarden, the national TTF average vis-a-vis nursing positions is 45 days. Many positions are unfilled for much longer, and such open positions lead to increased workloads, not to mention negative impacts on patient outcomes and HCAHPS.

Chronically open positions within the healthcare ecosystem have real-world consequences, and many organizations are mired in old school solutions to this vexing problem. As the cost of healthcare escalates, technology can be intelligently utilized to mitigate the challenges posed by the TTF conundrum.

Innovation Begets Results

The good folks at StaffGarden long ago realized that TTF was causing healthcare organizations to metaphorically pull their hair out in an effort to fix these troublesome workforce gaps.

Employing the normal routes of recruiting nurses means collecting a plethora of resumes, sorting through those applications, 45vs25daysscheduling a string of individual interviews, and moving towards the hiring process. Job fairs offer a slight advantage but may still result in the need to review piles of resumes followed by additional interviews. It’s a ponderous undertaking that’s generally experienced as massively inefficient.

At StaffGarden, a process steeped in smart technology has resulted in a streamlined form of recruitment, interviewing, and hiring, and the results are significant.

Hospitals Know

A Orange County hospital understood the scenario all too well, and their TTF was aligned with the national average. Partnering with StaffGarden, they held a one-day direct-hire nurse recruitment event, achieved a new 22-day TTF, and hired 50 new nurses in one day for seven departments.

Assessing the outcome from that event, there was a  calculated a savings of more than $379,000 by partnering with StaffGarden on this event, with an overall savings of more than $1 million likely resulting over time.

StaffGarden Tech Fills the Cup

Recruitment, interviewing, vetting, and hiring should be an efficient process that leverages cutting-edge technologies in the interest of decreased TTF and fewer open positions within healthcare institutions.

StaffGarden employs elegant, data-driven, cutting-edge e-portfolio technology that allows applicants to populate an online application that can be efficiently reviewed, vetted, and compared with their peers by human resources personnel expertly trained by StaffGarden.


Smart institutions are partnering with StaffGarden, and their cups apparently runneth over with good news, decreased TTF, and fully staffed facilities.

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The old process is far too inefficient. Forward-thinking healthcare institutions (including Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles) are already on board with StaffGarden; there’s no doubt that many more will follow suit as TTF continues to plague an industry that seeks the grail of efficiency while often missing the mark.

Smart institutions are partnering with StaffGarden, and their cups apparently runneth over with good news, decreased TTF, and fully staffed facilities.

To learn more about how StaffGarden is reducing the time-to-fill, helped them hire 50 nurses in one day, and saved them over $300,000. Click the button below to download the white paper – Solving The Nurse Vacancy Puzzle: Getting Past The Industry Standard.


Keith Carlson RN, BSN, NC-BC

Keith Carlson RN, BSN, NC-BC

StaffGarden Contributor

You can read more from Keith on his award-winning blog, Digital Doorway and listen to him on RNFM Radio & on The Nurse Keith Show. 
As a Board Certified Nurse Coach, his passion is to help nurses & healthcare professionals create satisfaction in their personal & professional lives.

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