The StaffGarden Onboarding Platform

Your Process. Managed.

The StaffGarden Onboarding Platform is designed to manage your complete onboarding and credentialing lifecycle.

The Platform handles everything – Onboarding, communication, credentialing, skills assessment, licensing, documents, we even help track privileging process.

Starts where your ATS stops.

Applicant tracking systems aren’t designed for clinical onboarding and credentialing. 

Self-service, provider-centric, mobile-friendly platform to quickly and completely onboard, credential, and MAINTAIN provider’s credentials, skills, background, references, documents.

Mobile First

You shouldn’t feel like you’re painting your hallway through the mail slot. We’ve designed for it.

Mobile = Faster

Compliance Matters

Getting your clinicians started is only part of the problem. The process is continuous.

Maintenance is built-in.

World-Class Productivity

Configurable, task-based system with support for multiple roles, optional tasks, expiration management.

Your process. We can do that.

Your Time Counts

Doing it faster is only part of the problem. You need to do it better.

Everything you need to know is available in one place.


Skills Assessments

Understanding capabilities helps you make better decisions.

Regularly re-evaluating skills isn’t just a compliance problem, it helps improve your outcomes.

Give Every Clinician an Experience They’ll Love

The StaffGarden paperless mobile onboarding improves the clinician experience and accelerates productivity for new hires, recruiters. 


Flexible workflows provide a more engaging and personalized experience.

Automatic, of course

Tasks automatically notify clinicians and operations of next steps in the process.

Document Management

Configurable permissions, full expiration and archiving support. HIPAA compliant.

one-click Presentation

Professional presentation to clients and candidate decision makers in a single-click. 

Your Brand

They’re your clinicians, your candidates, your facility. Shouldn’t it represent your brand?

100% Cloud

Always available. That’s table stakes. This is so much more than that.

If you hire clinicians you need this solved

The StaffGarden Onboarding Platform supports all organizations that hire clinical professionals.

Physicians, Nurses, Allied. Yes. We support that.

Hospitals, clinics, Locums, allied or nurse staffing? Yes. We support that.

Get Started Fast

We can have you up and running in a few days. Schedule a short, entertaining demo now.

Your process. Faster. Cleaner. Better.
Yes, we can do that.

About StaffGarden

StaffGarden is building a technology platform that helps healthcare organizations manage their clinical professionals.

We don’t just sell our technology. We’re users. We’ve been helping healthcare market, recruit, onboard, credential, engage, and professionally develop their clinical talent everywhere.

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