See Grow at ANPD 2022!

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StaffGarden is excited to exhibit at ANPD’s Annual Convention from March 22nd -25th. We’re bringing our Clinical Advancement platform Grow  and all of its innovative features to demo for all the professionals that are attending! 


Aspire to Trailblaze 

The annual ANPD Conference is a must attend event for healthcare professionals looking to gain knowledge and collaborate with fellow professionals. Attendees will hear from experts and gain valuable insight to take back to their teams. They will also get the opportunity to engage with various leaders in the healthcare space like Grow, who are shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. 


Grow is Attending

During development, our team worked with nurse educators and administrators to create a platform that is functional while meeting the expectations of everyone involved. That’s why the annual ANPD conference is the perfect place to showcase Grow’s mobile functionality, robust reporting, and all the other features that we know they will connect with. 

We collaborate with Educational Teams to make a better platform for Educational Teams, we’re excited to show you what we’ve done so far. 


What is Grow

Grow is an All-in-one Clinical Advancement Platform. No matter the size or age of your program, Grow gives your nurses a mobile and user-friendly platform to sign-up and participate throughout the program. Education teams can easily see enrollment numbers, participation statistics, and generate reports to get real-time feedback on the success of their programs. 

Our implementation team will take your existing program and build it inside Grow. Nurses will see consistent branding and terminology while using Grow, and we alongside our clients teams to provide training and ensure an easy onboarding process. 


We’re bringing some SWAG too! 

Make sure to stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall to get some handy materials to take home to your team. Plus, we’ll have some of our team there to show you how Grow works and answer any questions you might have. 

We’ll also be participating in The Passport to Prizes giveaway. We have a $100 Gift Card to FIGS and can’t wait to give it away to a lucky participant. Make sure to stop by and get your stamp. 


While attending this wonderful conference, make sure to stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to see Grow in action. If you’d like to see more and don’t want to wait for San Antonio (we don’t blame you) Tap the button below and schedule a demo with us. We’d love to show you all the great way Grow can help improve your Clinical Advancement Program. 


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