Transforming the clinical ladder, competency, and peer review programs to digital is a tough undertaking for any organization.


The end results of digitizing these programs will allow for fewer people errors, better accessibility, and most importantly, improved patient care.  


What Are The Challenges?


When things have been done a certain way for a long time, the apprehensiveness to change is bound to happen.  Transitioning to new technology can seem like a distraction from the main work that needs to be done.  Not to mention, there are financial hurdles to cross over in order to make an investment in worthy technology for your clinical ladder, competency, and peer review programs.  

Not every hospital system has the funds and the capability to make the digital transformations of these programs even with the return on investment being extremely high.  The ones that do have access to these funds would be able to get away from the three-ring binder and have a more streamlined process instead of time being wasted. 


Why It’s Time To Make The Transition



With the pandemic slowing down and coming under better control, the timing lines up well to transform your clinical ladder with the use of StaffGarden’s technology.  Nurses are no longer looking for just another place to work and collect a paycheck.  The emphasis for these clinical workers is now surrounded upon growth and development

With hospitals not focusing on learning and development as much as they should, nurse retention is a popular talking point and not in a good way.  According to the 2022 NSI National Healthcare Retention Report, the turnover rate for staff RNs increased by 8.4% and currently stands at 27.1%.


Nurse Retention


Nurse retention has been a point of emphasis lately in the healthcare workspace.  Nurses want to feel like they have the opportunity to advance and grow where they are,  Investing in a digital clinical ladder program allows nurses to feel like their professional development is top of mind and a priority for these organizations. StaffGarden’s Clinical Success Cloud can be thought of as the “one-stop-shop” for elevating healthcare teams across the Nation. 


StaffGarden’s Digital Technology



StaffGarden, a leader in software for the clinical ladder, competency, and peer review programs, has revolutionized the way these programs now exist in hospital settings.  With the hospitals having the immense responsibility to manage their competency programs, this is a major priority.  Being able to digitize the competency assessments and have a centralized hub will allow hospital management to feel confident when the Joint Commission surveyors arrive.

StaffGarden’s engagement tools combined with the powerful insights of our platform give your program the power to Grow! We’ve seen our partners’ programs expand beyond their goals and have surpassed all engagement goals. One of our partners has seen its program expand by 300%.  Read the case study to learn more.


About StaffGarden


StaffGarden is the leading digital healthcare platform focused on the clinical success of the professional clinician. Our flagship product is GROW, the only digital Clinical Ladder program on the market. In addition to Clinical Ladder, the platform supports career path development, Competency / Assessment tracking, peer and 360 review management, residency management support, and clinical project management for all types of clinical projects. To learn more about Staffgarden, check us out on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.