How Long It Really Takes to Successfully Interview and Hire a Nurse

by: Ryan Reid

We do a lot of time calculations as it relates to hiring.

For example, we figure 5 minutes to review a resume, 15–20 minutes to have a productive screening call. On average, we find that about 16% of candidates reviewed and screened can be scheduled for an interview.

Follow up generally adds about 10 minutes per candidate. (Notes, next steps…)

Depending on the hiring manager and position, arranging an appropriate time for an interview normally consumes another 30–60 minutes per candidate. Once an interview is complete, there is another 30 minutes spent on normal follow up. If there is a second interview, another 60 minutes.

If you add that up, it takes about 5 hours, 30 minutes per candidate interview.

At StaffGarden, we normally find that out of all candidates interviewed, 38% get a job offer. By the way, the industry average is about 21%.

Grand total? About 16 hours. One hired nurse. After you have the resume in hand.

The trick, of course, is that 16 solid hours is pretty hard to carve out, given that there are a lot of other things to do in the day of a recruiter. The actual amount of dedicated recruiting time varies a bit, but it normally works out to about 24 hours a week.

We calculate that a good recruiter with solid acquisition marketing in front of them should be able to hire about 10 nurses every 7 weeks.

If you have 1,000 nurses in your facility and an average turnover (17%), then you need to hire 15 nurses a month just to stay even. If you have a average vacancy rate (8.5%) that number goes up to 21. That’s 252 a year.

If you hire one nurse per recruiter every 7 weeks you’ll need 7 full-time recruiters and solid acquisition support behind them.

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Ryan Reid

Ryan Reid

Founder & CEO @ StaffGarden

Ryan is the Founder & CEO of StaffGarden, where he is passionate about developing useful technology to better the nurse hiring process.

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