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Professional Experience

Professional Experience Tutorial


In this tutorial, you can learn how to complete the Professional Experience section of your ePortfolio.
You can do this by scrolling down to the Professional Experience section and clicking “Add”.


This is one of the most important sections for getting noticed by employers, so you want to make sure you are as detailed as possible when filling this out.

Start by entering in your employer name, job title, and the start and end date of this position.  Leave end date blank if you are currently employed by this employer.  Then, write in a brief list of duties in the “Job Description” field.  Finally, enter your primary department and how often you worked in that area.  This section will go by very quickly if you already have a resume that you could refer back to. It’s as simple as copying and pasting in your ePortfolio!  Click “Finish” when you are done.

Repeat these steps until you’ve added all your relevant work experience.  Filling in Professional Experience will update your years of experience in the Experience bars found on the top and right side of your ePortfolio.

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