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Resume Generator

Resume Generator Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to explore the StaffGarden resume generator tool.  For best results, please make sure your StaffGarden ePortfolio is at 100% and you have filled out as many additional sections as possible!




Start by clicking the “Generate Resume” button found on the top left-hand corner of your ePortfolio.

You will find a list of sections that will be included in your resume.  You have the option to check and uncheck any section that you want included or do not want included in your generated resume.  Click “Next” when you have made your selections.

You can choose to download your resume as a Word document or as a PDF.  Clicking either of these buttons will automatically download your resume in the format you specified. Keep in mind that you can make changes and generate resumes as often as you need to.

Go to your downloads folder to find your clean, custom-tailored, nursing specific resume that has been tested and can be shared to get you noticed by potential employers!

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