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Exclusively for Healthcare Professionals.

You are an advocate for your patients. We are the advocate for your career. StaffGarden’s tools have everything you need to get recognized  for your amazing work. You can track, advance, & explore new career opportunities with StaffGarden.

Build, manage, & share your ePortfolio.

Start with your ePortfolio: Our tools & tutorials make it easier than ever to build your ePortfolio. Our clean, professional, & easy-to-read format gives anyone who views it an accurate snapshot of your career & abilities.

Expiration Notifications:  Manage all of your certifications & licenses can be overwhelming. That’s why we send you 90-60-30-day notifications before your credentials expire.

Custom Links: Share with employers for new opportunities, management for potential promotions, & anyone else you choose. Whether it’s via email or in your social media profiles, your link to your ePortfolio is sure to help you #GetNoticed for the right reasons.

A Resume Generator that works.


All the information in your ePortolfio quickly & easily creates a beautiful and professional resume in 3 easy steps. You can customize it to fit any situation by picking or removing as many sections as needed.

You can also export & print your resumes in both PDF & Word format.

StaffGarden’s resume generator, like all of our tools, is completely free. Generate, print, & share as many resumes as you need.

Share your ePortfolio with potential employers.

Your StaffGarden ePortfolio gives you the power to connect directly with talent acquisition teams. Without filling out additional forms, the information you choose to share can be viewed by hospitals looking to hire the best nurses in the country,

Unlike staffing agencies, StaffGarden doesn’t decide where your next placement is. You’ll connect directly, interview, & negotiate your wage with hospitials you want to work with.



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