Clinical Ladder Platform.
Recruitment Marketing.
Direct Hire.

StaffGarden team is here to help you and your team reach ALL of your Nurse Population goals.

We Build With Nurses in Mind

Clinical Ladder. Recruitment Marketing. Direct Hire Support. We have technology that helps your team accomplish goals.

We’re proud to say that what we’ve built isn’t very compatible with other professions out there. Everything we’ve built is for nurses and can be customized for any institutions goals. 

Clinical Ladder

Our configuration platform is modern, mobile, easy to use.
Cloud based with document storage, notifications, and tracking for everything!

Complete Customization

No matter the size or goal of your current ladder program. We can customize our software to meet and exceed your goals. As you and your program grows, we grow with you.

Mobile Friendly

We know you and your amazing team of Nurses are on the go. That’s why its easy to manage, upload, and report on all aspects of your program via your mobile device. 

Increase Engagement

Enagement is essental in any ladder program. That’s why we made it easy for nurses to report on thier progress, communicate with leaders, and see thier current status in one easy view. 

Robust Reporting

No more combing through mountians of 3 ring binders. Export reports in PDF, see overviews of current enrollement, and be notified of key updates on your schedule. Have a special request? No problem,  a StaffGarden team memeber is always availble to help! 

Recruitment Marketing

We leverage our knowledge, expertise, and data to create a customized marketing plan to meet your hiring goals. No matter who you’re looking for, we’ll find em!

Complete Coverage

Now more than ever, there are so many places to broadcast your opportunites. StaffGarden has agreements in place with all the places your next hire is looking for thier next job. 

Transparent Reporting

How many nurses did you reach? How many clicked? How many sent a resume?  We have the data that you need and some helpful insights on how to get better everyday. 

Modern Delivery

No more “Help Wanted” signs. We create customized videos and graphics for every campaign to help your opportunity stand out against a comepetive marketplace. 

Brand Compliant

Brand guidelines are important. That’s why we create all of our materials compliant to the rules you set forth. Nothing goes live without your approval. 

Direct Hire

We work directly with healthcare institutions’ HR, Talent Ac-quisition, and Recruitment teams to efficiently and cost-ef-fectively acquire quality nurses.

Permanent Hires

Temp and Travel Nurses are expensive. That’s why we help you hire the nurse faster than any other platform.

Placement Guarantee

Your next employee of the month shouldn’t be put aside because of a ‘hiring fee’. That’s why we have a guarantee for every nurse hired via StaffGarden. If the placement doesn’t work out, we’ll replace them for free.

Custom Screening

A Nurse’s story goes beyond a resume. That’s why we screen every nurse before we submit them to your team. Have a specific question you’d like us to ask? How bout a certain proficiency level? Whatever is it, we’ll ask and report to you on the answers!

Easy Workflow

Our team works with your hiring workflow. Need to coordinate with the hiring managers schedule? We can do that. Need to go with HR first? Check. Our team is here to help you hire, not cause more work.

StaffGarden really helped us fill our nurse openings, especially during the fall. We have hired 64 RN’s from the candidates they have sent us and this includes critical care RN’s

Julie Kovencz, Director of HumanResources

Lake Wales Medical Center

I have to tip my hat to the StaffGarden team for building a purposeful product. Utilizing their intuitive platform allowed our talent acquisition team to achieve better recruiting outcomes more efficiently and consistently.

Mike Krug, Manager, Talent Acquisition

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Thank you very much for your support in pulling our event together on such short notice. It was a great success. The Hiring Managers were all impressed and pleased. We really couldn’t have done it without you.

Todd Horinouchi, Recruiting Consultant

Providence St. Joseph Health

StaffGarden has become a great partner for us. Customer and account services could not be better. We have learned a number of things and processes through this partnership, several of which we’ve been inspired to emulate.

Jeff Jameson, Division Director of Human Resources

Southwest Division, Life Care Centers of America

Our team is here to support your team.

We’re here to help your and your team reach thier goals. We will help train, create customized tutorials, and anything else you’ll need. No idea is too big, no request is ignored. We’re here to help in everywhich way we can.

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