All-in-one Clinical Advancement Software

Enroll, organize, report, and more all in one place (without a 3-ring-binder).

Accessable on Every Connected Device


Easy Create and Share Reports

Control of Program Features and Hierarchy

Increase Participation and Recognition

Complete Customization


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Nurse Friendly Features

Grow’s robust feature set is solely focused on the Nurse Experience. Mobile friendly and easy-to-use, your Clinical Advancement Program has never been so accessible

Perfectly Paperless

Provide your team with a cloud-based platform that is always available. Gone are the days of waiting for and passing off 3-ring binders and shuffling through paperwork. Now applications are visible as soon as the nurse applies.

Friendly Interface

No matter how robust your program is, Nurses will be able to participate on any internet connected device. We also create customized tutorials to help them along the way.

Robust Reporting

Grow is a completely configurable to your wants and needs. Structures and reports can be customized to match the uniqueness of your program or organization.

Increased Engagement

Grow has proven to increase engagement across your entire clinical ladder program. With our easy communication tools you’ll be able to see and recognize participants who deserve your attention.

Security and INTEGRATION

A Safe N’ Easy Process

Our Operations and Security teams work quickly to understand your program and it’s unique needs. They will work together to create a safe and secure experience for your entire program.

  • Can be up and running in 30 days
  • Will meet your organization’ security standards
  • Dedicated on-site Operations and Security Teams

Let’s Connect

Our Team is Your Team

We know that teamwork is a key factor in a successful clinical ladder program. That’s why we’re proud to have our team support yours.  We will work with you to create customized videos and other educational aids to help your entire team take advantage of everything Grow has to offer.

If you would like to speak to use to learn more about Grow or schedule a Demo, click the button below and schedule some time with us. We’d love to show you all the great features and benefits 1000’s of users are experiencing with Grow.


Success Stories

We had been looking for a solution to help us transition our paper application for our clinical levels program to an online platform.  StaffGarden has been our solution!  It has been a pleasure to work with their team.  They have been so supportive, responsive, and collaborative in helping us during the transition period.  We completely restructured our program, and the software has been able to meet all of our needs. 

Elisa J, MS, RN, CNS

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Translational Research, NorthBay Healthcare

They were very open to our hospital’s specific needs that were different from others. I am thankful to not have to lug around many clinical ladder binders anymore. The caregiver, mentors and managers can view the clinical ladder content at a glance.They continue to check in and ensure everything is on track. I would highly recommend StaffGarden for implementation of an electronic format for hospitals clinical ladder program; great team, great product.

Linda S

Director of Education, Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach

Documenting and analyzing the benefits of a robust Clinical Ladder program has proven in the past to be elusive. However, now with StaffGarden and the analytics it provides, we can better leverage our talented Clinical Ladder Nurses to help drive the organization to new levels. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the Clinical Ladder program will be one of the major tools we use to meet patient’s expectations and distinguish Hoag as a nationally recognized provider.

Jason Z.

Sr. Program Manager, Performance Improvement

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