Instantly Report on What Matters

Easily access and share a range of reports, including individual employee, departmental, and compliance reports, giving you a comprehensive view of your competency management program.

Data-Driven Collaboration

Easily generate and share detailed reports on employee competencies and training progress with anyone who needs them. You’ll save time and reduce errors by automating manual reporting processes, and you’ll be able to customize the data and filters used in the reports to ensure that your sharing  relevant information 

Audit Reporting

Simplify audits by generating customized reports on employee competencies and training progress to demonstrate compliance and accountability to regulatory agencies.

Employee Specific Reporting

Our reporting dashboard allows leaders to see: 

  • Which clinicians have been assigned competencies
  • Which clinicians have completed their self assessment (if part of their competency process) 
  • Which competencies still require validation from preceptors
  • Which clinicians/competencies require an action plan for remediation 
  • Allows for easier follow up on those that require remediation and on incomplete competencies

Communicate Clearly

Easyly  distribute reports to anyone who needs them, ensuring that everyone is working from the same set of data and insights. This promotes collaboration and accountability across the organization, leading to more effective decision-making and better patient outcomes. With Roots reporting feature, you’ll be able to generate customized reports on individual clinicians, departments, and compliance, demonstrating that your healthcare organization is meeting regulatory standards and providing high-quality patient care. 

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